SIX Nordic podcast Episode 5: Experimenting with Basic Income in Finland

How can you learn about how citizen wage will impact and affect your citizens without taking the great leap of introducing it everywhere at once? Well, in Finland you try to set up an experiment to see if your assumptions are correct. This I learned when I met Ernesto Hartikainen from Sitra in Finland on our SIX Nordic event in Copenhagen last year.

I realised quickly that I needed to learn more about this, and thus this interview came about. Ernesto quickly introduced me to Otho Kanninen who has conducted a study on how such an experiment might look, and in talking to both of them I learned a lot about this topic. However, I have to say that most importantly I learned that, well, it´s about learning. You do not know the answers without trying.

Sitra is working still at trying to set up this experiment, and part of that job is convincing the government it needs to be done.

Citizen Wage in Utrecht

Interestingly enough, a citizen wage program was just recently launched in Utrecht in Netherland. So they are the first to actually get this going.

University College Utrecht has paired with the city to place people on welfare on a living income, to see if a system of welfare without requirements will be successful.

Read more about it in The Independent here.

New SIX Nordic partner

Sitra is the newest partner organisation for the SIX Nordic network and accordingly the country host for Finland. Their job is very interesting. Not only is Sitra a 50 year old organization, but its job is probably one the most interesting jobs in the world, I think.

Our operations are guided by a vision of Finland as a leader in sustainable well-being. We take the view that well-being is sustainable when it is shared by people, the environment and the economy. As a fund operating directly under the Finnish Parliament, our decision-making processes are tied to parliamentary systems. Our administration includes a Supervisory Board, Board and President.

Sitra is actually hosting the next SIX Nordic event in September in Helsinki about the future of social innovation. Read more here if you want to come with us.

What is SIX Nordic?

SIX Nordic is a network of people working with social innovation in the Nordic region. The network focuses on sharing cases and ideas through yearly events, podcasting, social media and through matchmaking. We are the chair of SIX Nordic as of June 2015. If you want to be part of our events please sign up for an invitation through our mailing list.