SIX Nordic Podcast Episode 1: Social Innovation in the Nordic context

What’s so special about social innovation in the Nordic region? This is a question concerning the SIX Nordic network.

In this first SIX Nordic podcast we dig a bit deeper into the question: Episode 1: Social Innovation in the Nordic context. Our partner in Denmark Social + hosts our first podcast.

SIXNordic_podcastMathias Bruhn Lohmann from Social+ talks to John Rene Keller Lauritzen from TEPSIE and Danish Technological Institute about social innovation in a region with strong welfare states. An important conclusion is, that the public sector has a crucial role to play in social innovation: Social innovation is not ‘just’ about social entrepreneurs and it is not ‘just’ happening outside the public sector. Very often the Nordic conditions are missing in cross European discussions about social innovation.

John Rene Keller Lauritzen is co-author of the new book: Sammen om velfærd.

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