Om Stories from the North

Young people from Denmark, Iceland and Norway share digital stories about life, identity, small and big things that matter to them through this Nordic Collaboration.

The vision for Stories from the North is to let young people create, share & tell life stories through Nordic Storytelling Labs and an online digital storytelling platform.

When we through Digital Storytelling ask young people in outskirts to reflect on their own close culture, we initiate an identity-creating process where each participant gets the opportunity and space to look at the everyday environments often overlooked in their truism. When we open up for this kind of self-reflection, there is also an enriched basis for reflection on other cultures and an ability to see the interpersonal similarities found among all cultures, wherever they may be.

In this project we have chosen a Nordic focus based on curiosity, but also on a common Nordic self-perception that we wish to preserve and enrich. Not to distance ourselves from the rest of the world, but just as part of a broad identity base. One of the many communities that modern people feel attached to.

Thus, the purpose of the project is to spread a common understanding and recognition, thus contributing to a positive movement which, in the long term, creates a stronger positive perception of Nordic culture.

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Støttet av

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